Girl illustration as Felt Quilting

Got gored at Same design Pouch?

Let’s make your original pouch with cute illustration.

It takes weekend or 3 days if you can’t spend full day.

Once you got an will to do it, you can make it very soon.


  1. Do drawing whatever you like fits in the pouch size.(You may search any illustration on line and print it with appropriate size. Don’t get stressed to make it exactly same as print or illustration. Keep it simple and be flexible to play around :))
    I always do sketch with pencil and outline it with a pen first(I used Copic muliliner 0.7mm but any pen can be used of course!), and then erase pencil sketch to make it neat for tracing.


2. Do coloring for felt color selection.

I usually use color pencil as it is easy to use, but you may use any medium such as

color pen or water color.


3. Trace each different color part for pattern. (Or you may directly draw on felt with chalk pencil. But using different pattern for cutting makes work more neat.)


4. Cut out tracing papers and pin them on felt. And then cut them separately.


5. Make a Face with Eyes and lip. If using tracing paper is too small, you can just cut each

without tracing paper. Being flexible is key.


6. Sew each felt on the pouch.


7. Complete! (You may do embroidery for hair if necessary)


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